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Impossible mission

Publisher : epyx
Year       : 1983
Genere   : Platform(multi screen)
Players   : 1 players
Info        : This is 1 of the best c64 games ever.....  you are trapped in some underworld with elvator and rooms your cant see the rooms untill you enter them in the rooms you have to search items(such as desk/table/etc....) you find puzzle parts/password to hold the robots in the room for a while/password to bring the little elavtor in the room to default or nothing.
there are robots in the room that tries 2 stop you. and there are holes....if you fell into a hole u day....if you die your have less time to finish the game...
BY THE WAY : you have time limit in the game....
so the game is over when you're out of time
after finding all the piceces you have 2 solve the puzzles and find an exit...